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Philosophy Of Care Home in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset


A client is encouraged to be as independent as possible and exercise choice in relation to him or herself, his or her belongings and service requirements, taking into account any risks to the client.


Discuss, confirm and respect as far as possible the client’s choice, wishes and preferences at all times.


Recognise and take account of the clients’ culture, political beliefs, race, religion, sexual identity, age, gender, physical and mental condition.

Use language and other forms of communication suitable to the needs of the care home client. Recognise and respond to the emotional needs of the client using advice, assistance and guidance as necessary.

Respect confidentiality of all information and sources and only disclose information to those who require it after discussion with the client and, when appropriate, receiving his or her permission. Correctly apply all relevant Health and Safety requirements and precautions.